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He grew up in Mo City, Texas. On the side of the City that tends not to claim it as Missouri City when crime appears on the news. He has always had a passion for music. Since a youth he use to travel back and forth during summers to Brooklyn. He notice the hustle was different out there. He brought the hustle back home and in High school he started selling mixtapes mixing the New York style tapes with the 3rd Coast Houston Flavor. His view was to give other artist a chance to be heard from state to state, since each state has their own unique twist of Hip Hop Culture. He later started recording artist he grew up with and formed a group called Block Bleeda Entertainment, which then transfer to D.N.A. Music Group. He was the engine to the organization from Graphics to the Pre & Post Production of audio and video. Like most groups, they do not last forever. He decided to open his talents to other fields of work creating more commercialize businesses.

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